Modern living continues to throw stuff at us, sometimes painful, often baffling and even when we know what we should do, or could do we cant find our way through this stuff.

I specialise in child development, child counselling, child therapy focusing on children from 5 years old upwards, working with their parents and/or carers dealing with anxiety and diagnosed disorders, many parents have been through the mill of education psychologists, their GP's and even CAMHS without getting the answers they are seeking. NLP/counselling does help.

Over the years my counselling and NLP career has put me in front of thousands of people, some of the problems, no matter how common, seemingly trivial or major incidents cannot be solved by a chat with friends, a visit to the doctor or a pill. 

Talking therapies have been proven to help people help themselves. With the addition of NLP, EFT and hypnosis models I will strive to give you insight into your condition, new coping strategies and something practical to do. Teenagers problems including self harm, anxiety and depression or low self esteem, trauma , phobias can all be helped.

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Member of NLPcTA and BACP