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What is youth counselling

Counselling is about helping you make sense of your thoughts and feelings so that you can make choices about what you can do to bring about changes in your life.

Who is it for?
Counselling can help most people, however it is not recommended for people with severe mental health problems, nor is it a good idea to see two different therapists at the same time as can cause confusion and conflict.

What kind of problems do you deal with?
I focus on YOU, the person and how YOU feel about what is happening in YOUR life. Whatever the problem is I will not be shocked by anything you tell me. I will listen and empower you to decide how you want to move forward.

Is it confidential?
Yes it is a confidential service, I will not disclose any information without your consent, unless legally bound to do so.*

What kind of advice can I get?
It may surprise you but I do not give advice. I believe that only you know what is right for you and my job is to enable YOU to come to a clearer understanding of this WITHOUT putting pressure on you in any way.

What if someone else needs help?
Nobody can be made to have counselling - it's your decision and your choice. 
However we may be able to enable you to look at how another person’s actions or behavior could be better managed. 

*Child protection laws means I have to disclose to the appropriate authorities details of suspected neglect or abuse of children. Anti-terrorism laws also require disclosure of possible concerns.