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Adult counselling

Using a blend of counselling, NLP, EFT and hypnosis models I can help you with issues from relationship problems, to work related problems, anxiety and stress or depression. 

Again I can offer you a free assessment of the issues and how it has been affecting you. Together we can work out the best way to address these issues, then if you are ready we can book in your first session. 

Sessions last 60-90 minutes and there will normally be 2-5 sessions. 

Costs are £negotiable.

Case study

NLP is really helpful for people suffering from a traumatic event; this could be from anything from a bad trip to the dentist, to a car accident to witnessing a death.

The symptoms are commonly flashbacks, i.e. running the event over and again during the day, or nightmares, poor sleep, anger, isolation. Loss of appetite, depression or anxiety, these can continue for years, if the symptoms are milder it may be mistaken to be the result of issues other than the trauma.

Susan was a senior manager for a large energy company and after a serious accident on the motorway, in which the car left the road and she had to be rescued by emergency services, the client felt unable to drive and was suffering symptoms of depression. Isolating herself, poor sleep, low appetite and regularly tearful.
Susan attended three sessions with me where we reduced the trauma symptoms using EFT [tapping] and over the period of those sessions rebuilt her confidence so that she returned to her previous support system, was eating and slept better and felt able to drive again on the motorway.

She had been off work for 4 weeks and was really concerned that her issue might affect her ability to continue in her job, 3 sessions later the event was dealt with.